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Content Marketing With Serious Swayy

Do you need to reach your target audience with branded content that engages and influences buying patterns? We thought you might. Social Swayy is a social agency bringing together a community of over 8,000 influencers with technology that creates, manages and measures content marketing and native advertising campaigns at scale.

Our influencers create branded content that gets amplified through social networks to reach the maximum target audience in a meaningful, authentic way. Some of the ways our influencers create amazing branded content include:


  • Content Series
  • Product Reviews
  • Twitter Parties
  • Off-Line Product Parties
  • Pinterest Campaigns
  • Instagram Campaigns

Trending Twitter Parties With Swayy

Our twitter parties give you brand some serious Swayy. Hosted by key influencers in your niche and manged by the Social Swayy Team, your branded twitter party will reach millions of social media users in a meaningful and authentic way.


  • Sponsored one hour twitter party
  • Q&A showcasing brand messaging, products or services
  • Branded Hashtags
  • Thousands of Tweets
  • Millions of Impressions
  • Awareness and Swayy for your brand!

Visual Amplification with Pinterest and Instagram

Our network of over 4,000 Pinterest and Instagram influencers reaches over 20 million people globally. These images tell stories and feature products and brands in visually appealing ways. How we engage your audience on two of the fastest grown social media communities:


  • Branded Photo Ambassadors
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Branded DIY Projects
  • 30 Day Photo Challenges

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